Locum Tenens Companies Ensure Continuity in Patient Care

A locum tenens company is a staffing agency that places interim full-time physicians in a temporary contract position. They fill the gap in healthcare to ensure continuity in patient care. The recruitment and placement of locum tenens physicians is a huge business.
There are many locum tenens companies working with healthcare facilities around the world, and the demand for interim physicians continues to grow. So too does the number of physicians enjoying the flexibility and freedom that a locum tenens position provides.

A Staffing Firm Provides Many Services
Once they find a staff opening that suits the needs of a medical professional,
locum tenens companies advise the professional of the opportunity, length of contract, location, etc. The professional then decides if the opportunity is right for them. Once an assignment is accepted, the agency handles the paperwork, travel arrangements, accommodations, car rentals, licensing, liability paperwork, and more.

Who Uses the Services of Locum Tenens Companies?

* Medical residents just starting their career who want to gain experience and knowledge in different clinical environments
* Established healthcare professionals, including hospitalists, physicians, registered nurses and physician assistants who want the flexibility and freedom of choosing their assignment and location
* Retired or semi-retired physicians who still enjoy working in their chosen field on a part-time basis

Benefits to Hospitals and Health Care Facilities:

* A locum tenens physician can step in where needed to ensure a facility is adequately staffed. Continuity in staffing means that the quality of care to patients is not compromised during a maternity leave, leave of absence or when a permanent staff member is sick, leaves or retires.
* It is less costly to hire an independent contractor versus paying full benefits to a permanent employee.
* It gives hospitals the opportunity to analyze the need for a particular position.

Benefits to Physicians

There are many reasons why a locum tenens position is desirable to many physicians:
* Freedom to travel and live in diverse locations
* Flexibility to try various positions in several unique clinical environments, from large hospitals to tiny clinics.
* Variety in position as well as location
* The opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to experience new adventures

Interim Physicians is a leading locum tenens staffing firm, headed by Medical Director, Dr. Ken Teufel. Dr. Teufel was one of the first physicians to develop the idea of providing temporary replacement coverage to physicians on vacation or sabbatical. This temporary staffing process later became known as locum tenens. Interim Physicians remains a leader in the industry, renowned for putting the health and welfare of patients in the hands of the most qualified and caring physicians in the healthcare field. Visit our website for more information.

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