An Orthopedic Doctor Who Treats No Fault in Hawaii Cases

Anyone living in Hawaii understands the state is a no-fault insurance state. This means that, in the event of an automobile accident, each auto owner involved will pay for the damages to his or her own vehicle. The insurance is referred to as “Personal Injury Protection.” In the cases where an accident is bad enough, and individuals have suffered injuries that require orthopedic evaluation, an orthopedic forensic specialist will be called upon. “No Fault in Hawaii” does not exclude very bad accidents from becoming lawsuits.

The orthopedic forensic specialist will assess a patient and let the proper authorities know of the medical condition of the patient. The doctor will most likely be called on as an expert witness in such cases. His or her testimony will have a great deal of bearing on the outcome of the lawsuit. The orthopedic doctor will provide chart reviews if necessary to show the court the extensive treatment provided to the client and what his or her functional capabilities are as a result.

In almost every case where a victim in a car accident goes to court for injuries sustained in the accident, an orthopedic doctor will have to examine him or her and make recommendations on the medical status of the victim. Part of that examination will include physical therapy to see if the victim’s range of motion can be improved. What the victim will be able to return to in his or her normal life will be determined by the orthopedic doctor.

Meet Dr. Portner, who is an orthopedic specialist offering medical evaluations as an expert medical witness for both the plaintiff’s case and the defense’s case for over 30 years in the State of Hawaii. Other than the forensic side of his practice, the doctor provides patients’ massage therapy, acupuncture, diagnostic services, radiofrequency ablation, physical therapy, injection therapy, and medications. Complete rehabilitative services ensure the patient will get the utmost care he or she can get. For an orthopedic doctor who treats legal clients based on the “No Fault in Hawaii” insurance clause, visit the website of Dr. Bernard Porter.

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