How Does Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction Work?

It may seem like trading one addiction for another when you use ibogaine treatment for an addiction. However, doctors have often used one drug to help eliminate many of the withdrawal symptoms of another before weaning the patient off the new medication for a drug-free life. With the use of ibogaine, doctors are able to help their patients successfully get clean from their opiate addictions.

Acute Phase

Beginning about an hour or two after the injection of ibogaine, the patient will begin to experience emotionally intense waking dreams, also known as hallucinations. These dreams will last for approximately four to six hours and can be extremely intense, which is why it’s important for these individuals to complete this phase under close medical supervision.

Evaluative Phase

Upon completion of the acute phase, patients undergoing ibogaine treatment for addiction will cross into the evaluative stage. This process will take between eight and 20 hours to complete. During this time period, patients will be able to easily reflect on their lives and gain introspect into what they can accomplish in their future. This will set a solid foundation for the recovery period.

Residual Stimulation Phase

For the next one to three days, patients who have undergone ibogaine treatment for addiction will transition from the inward thinking to the outward stimuli in their lives. This effect can last for a short period of time or it can remain with the patient for longer. It is important for patients to remain under the care of a medical professional throughout this time period to ensure they remain in good health throughout.


At this stage, most patients will be clear of the cravings they once had for the drugs. However, the destructive behavior and other mental issues may still remain. This is why it’s important for recovering addicts to remain in therapy for as long as possible.

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