Some Common Question Concerning Bunion Surgery Answered

Many people want to know more about bunions. Some have been able to get satisfactory answers while others have not. The following are some of the answers to the burning questions that have been raised concerning bunions.

What Are Bunions?

A bunion is a foot problem that occurs in the big toe joint alignment. It creates a boney, knobby-like a bump on the inside of the foot.

Do Bunions Recur After Surgery?

Bunion surgery in Chicago completely corrects the problem in most people. However, if the best bunion operation for the specific bunion is not done, it may recur after a long time.

Is Bunion Surgery Painful?

Bunion surgery is just like any other surgery with a certain amount of pain. You may experience some discomfort for a few days after the surgery, but the rest will depend on your pain threshold. If you have low pain tolerance, anesthesia may come in handy.

How Bunions Are Corrected Surgically

Bunion surgery techniques depend on the severity of the bunions. Large bunions are treated with different techniques from small ones. Similarly, the ones that keep recurring do not use the same technique as the latter. Treatment for small bunions is done by realigning the bone that is near the joint of the big toe.

For How Long Will One Need Crutches After Surgery?

Typically, only large bunions may require crutches. However, this depends on whether the repair can withstand the weight pressure of the body. If so, then you do not need the crutches at all.

Are the incisions visible?

This depends on your surgeon. Some may perform the surgery in a way that it incurs minimum scars that cannot be seen easily.

Generally, bunions surgery will correct the bunion problems as long as the right technique is used. To learn more about bunion surgery in Chicago, visit Chicago Foot Care Clinic.

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