How to Buy Infant Formula Online With SNAP Benefits Using Your SNAP Card

Infant formula is considered a nutritious and complete meal in liquid form for your baby. When you can’t feed your baby breast milk, or you would prefer not to feed your baby breast milk, infant formula is the best product for the first year of life. Considering the fact that formula is actually food for an infant, it is covered under SNAP (Foodshare/Food Stamps) benefits, and you can use your SNAP debit card to buy formula. Better still, you can now buy formula online, which allows you to stay in the safety of your home and still get the formula your baby needs. Here’s how this works.

Choose a Name Brand, Store Brand, or Generic Baby Formula Website

Most formulas, regardless of brand, are made the same. Even specialty formulas for colicky babies or babies whose tummies can’t tolerate a lot of iron in their formula are made the same. Ergo, you can go to any name brand, store brand, or generic formula website and purchase the type of formula your baby needs.

Choose “Pay With SNAP” at Checkout

When you checkout online, choose the “pay with SNAP” option. The website will direct you to a secure and encrypted page that allows you to click on your 4-digit PIN and hit enter. The payment process is usually complete after the site returns you to the checkout page. Your formula is shipped right to your door. For more information on baby formula and using SNAP, go to Perrigo Nutrition at

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