How Dentists in Birmingham, Alabama Extract Children Teeth

The process of removing a decayed or damaged tooth triggers pain. This makes it quite a challenge to perform the operation on a child. Usually, children already understand that tooth extraction is painful. They feel worried, making it difficult for any professional to perform the procedure. However, experienced Dentists in Birmingham Alabama, will perfectly counter this troubling situation. Before performing the procedure, the dentist educates the child about the extraction to help eliminate anxiety and make the process more pleasant.

Proficient Dentists in Birmingham Alabama, such as Dr. Michael S. Anglin Birmingham Alabama, will recommend tooth removal when the root canal treatment is not a viable option. The procedure is performed when the tooth can no longer be fixed. Ahead of the tooth extraction process, an x-ray is taken and reviewed by the dental expert. Depending on the extent of tooth damage, the dentist will either recommend tooth extraction or tooth restoration. If by any chance the tooth is infected, it is treated prior to extraction. The child should also be properly informed of the extraction beforehand. In case the child is anxious, it is advisable to take a dentist recommended relaxing medication earlier.

Child teeth removal procedure

The tooth removal procedures vary. A visible tooth is removed with the simple extraction techniques. The patient is given anesthetic, which numbs the entire area. The simple extraction process consumes minimal time. After the procedure, the cavity remaining might be painful, but the dentist will prescribe pain killers for the young patient. Ice can also help reduce any pain.

The post extraction period

After the tooth is removed, Dentists in Birmingham Alabama, will issue some simple instructions that you should keenly observe. First, the child should only consume soft foods and drinks that require minimal chewing. Hot or cold foods are not allowed during this period. Good oral hygiene should be observed after every meal to eliminate any chances of contamination. However, the extracted area should not be brushed directly to avoid complications. In case the pain increases, or a fever develops, consult the expert immediately.

These are just some of the details about how a dentist will extract your child’s teeth. For more information about tooth extraction,


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