Get a Beautiful, Professional Smile Using Teeth Whitening in Lawnside

For the long term care and health of your teeth, there are several reasons you may decide to consult an experienced Cosmetic Dentist. While all dentists have some education in general cosmetic dentistry, the art of cosmetic tooth care is actually a wholly separate and complex area of expertise. For instance, any dentist can apply a resin or bonding material when the need arises; they may even be able to properly shape or contour a tooth when required, but it takes very skilled hands to expertly shape a mouthful of teeth and keep everything matching properly. Of course, not all cosmetic dental procedures are this complex and time consuming. Consider Teeth Whitening in Lawnside. Whitening the teeth is a chemical process designed to lift stains out of the enamel.

You teeth are made of several different layers. Deep inside is a root pulp that holds the nerve unique to that tooth. Around that is the dentin. Dentin is a somewhat soft material that gives the tooth its shape and color. This is the shade of white that will be visible after a professional grade teeth whitening in Lawnside. Finally comes the enamel coating which gives the teeth their strength. Unfortunately, the enamel on your teeth does not grow back once it has been damaged. Even worse, your teeth did not evolve to deal with some of the foods that are now available.

All of this combines to make your teeth vulnerable to damage and stains. The stains occur when the enamel begins to wear or crack. This damage allows the food, drinks or other stain causing products to sink into the cracks. Once the stains have gotten this deep, these deposits are even harder to get out. You might think this is possible using daily, over the counter treatments, but these whitening agents aren’t quite strong enough to reach those deep down stains. At best, you can only hope to keep the level of white you’ve recently attained from a professional dental whitening. Surprisingly, you won’t always see the results of a Teeth Whitening in Lawnside session immediately. In most instances, it can take a few days for the final, bright white to show through. In some rare cases, it can even take a week or longer. Of course, the final results are always worth the wait.

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