Exciting Information on Dental Implants in Park Ridge IL

Whether you are missing your natural teeth because of oral health concerns or injury, you are most certainly not happy with the appearance of your smile. This is especially true if you are missing some of the teeth in the front of your smile, where the problem is most noticeable. People who have missing teeth often feel ashamed of their smile and try to avoid smiling. If you have too many missing teeth, you may find it difficult to be able to enjoy the food choices you once did. Instead of considering temporary fixes to the problem, there is now a better solution. You can permanently replace your missing teeth through Dental Implants in Park Ridge IL.

To find out if you are a good candidate for getting dental implants, you need to first visit your dentist for a consultation appointment. The dentist will need to make sure there are no obstructions in your gum tissue or jaw, that would cause problems with the implants being put into place. If you are found to be a good candidate for Dental Implants in Park Ridge IL, your procedure will be scheduled.

Dental implants are put in place through an office surgical procedure. Though you will be under anesthesia during the procedure, you will be able to go home and recover after it is over. To place your implants, you first need to go through the procedure of putting the metal anchors in. Each metal anchor is crafted from titanium, so it will bond with your bone tissue and provide a permanent base for your artificial teeth to be placed on. The anchors are screwed into your jaw bone and then you will be sent home for recovery.

The recovery process is the longest wait in the procedure. You will need to heal for several months and allow the bonding process to complete. After this process is over, your new teeth can be put in, so your smile will be complete. To learn more about this procedure, contact your dentist. Contact them and schedule a consultation appointment, so you can learn if these implants will help your smile.

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