Does Your Teen Need Therapy? Therapy for Teenagers in Minneapolis

Many people go through adolescence with normal amounts of turmoil. It can be difficult to see if a teen is dealing with their issues in a healthy way or if they need the help of a licensed professional therapist. People looking to get their teenagers in therapy in Minneapolis should consider Options Family & Behavior Services. To discover some signs that it might be time to get the advice of a professional, keep reading.


If your teen is physically hurting themselves, this is a sign of unbearable emotional turmoil or psychic imbalance. It could be a symptom of atypical depression and it can, unfortunately, become a habit or escalate over time.

Suicide Ideation

If the teen is having suicidal thoughts or has attempted suicide, it is time to get them to a licensed therapist. Many parents don’t take the ideation seriously, but suicide rates are on the rise, especially among teenage girls.

Substance Abuse

Many teenagers experiment with drugs or alcohol, but it may become a serious problem if the teen in the family is regularly getting drunk or taking drugs. If there is a family history of substance abuse, it may be time to get therapy.


Many teens are experiencing developmental depression that reveals the fragility of life. They may be changing their childhood identity or realizing the reality of mortality. However, many teens experience atypical depression if they experience social rejection, parental conflicts, the death of a loved one, financial hardship, or trauma. Teens experiencing negativity, mercurial moods, or destructive obsessions should get a therapist.

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