What are Dental Root Canals in Salem OR

Proper dental care and good oral hygiene is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy smile. Unfortunately, even those with impeccable hygiene and care can face dental issues. When this occurs, it is important to see a dentist right away. Many of these issues may require dental Root Canals in Salem OR. This can be a frightening diagnosis for many. However, being prepared and understanding the process can help lessen these fears.

What is a root canal?

The dental Root Canals in Salem OR is a dental procedure that removes the pulp from inside a tooth. The procedure is done by the dentist taking a tiny drill and making a hole in the top of the affected tooth. The dentist will then use tiny tools to scrape out all of the pulp from inside the tooth. He will then use a antimicrobial agent to kill any bacteria in the tooth. This area will then be dried and filled with a rubber like material and a temporary filling placed in the top of the tooth.

Reasons for a root canal

Cavities, trauma, or even frequent dental work can cause damage to the pulp and allow bacteria to enter. This can cause the pulp to become infected or inflamed. Often, this can cause severe pain and sensitivity in the tooth. If not treated, it can potentially create an abscess. The inflamed tooth may also need to be removed, as well as any other teeth that became infected due to lack of treatment. A root canal procedure can help save the tooth.

After care for a root canal

After a root canal procedure, there may be some pain and sensitivity for a few days. The doctor may suggest or prescribe something to help with this. In a couple of weeks, a return visit to the dentist will provide a examination of the tooth. This is to ensure there is no remaining infection inside the tooth. If all is well with the tooth, a permanent crown will be placed.

A root canal can be an intimidating procedure, however, it is not very complicated and can save the tooth. After the root canal, the tooth will last about as long as natural teeth would. Facilities, such as Riverfront Dental LLC, can provide root canals, as well as regular dental care to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

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