The Most Common Skin Issues That Can Be Remedied By Intense Pulsed Light Therapy In Maui

A person’s skin takes lots of abuse, as it comes in contact with chemicals and UVA and UVB rays which can lead to the formation of unsightly areas that can hamper self-esteem. Rather than living with less than perfect skin, more people are choosing to use intense pulsed light therapy in Maui to help them correct the issues and restore the appearance of their skin. Here are the top three conditions that IPL therapy can address.

Skin Pigmentation Issues

Whether it is due to genetics or exposure to the sun, brown pigmentation on the skin can be frustrating and cause a person to struggle with their appearance. Skin creams are not always effective at reducing their appearance, but IPL treatment can help. Using light energy that targets the area just beneath the skin can break up the pigmentation and eliminate the presence of discolored skin and irritation.

Birth Marks

Birth marks that are visible can be unsightly, and while they are unique, many people don’t like the idea of a large discolored area on their face, neck or arms. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy in Maui can help break up the buildup of pigment that produces the birth mark and remove it once and for all. It can take multiple sessions depending on the severity of the mark but will provide permanent results.

Ruptured Capillaries

Ruptured or broken capillaries can cause minimal swelling and the presence of redness on the surface of the skin. Some will remedy themselves with time, but others may cause permanent scarring that leaves a person with embarrassing blemishes. Light therapy will go beneath the surface of the skin to break up the broken capillary and prevent it from being visible on the exterior of the skin.

No one has to live with debilitating skin conditions any longer. Be sure to check out and learn more about their advanced treatments that can give anyone bright and radiant skin that they can be proud of. Browse our website to find out more about the treatments offered and take the first step in restoring a person’s appearance once and for all.

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