What Can Patients Expect From Home Speech Pathology Services?

Speech disorders can be present soon after birth or can develop because of injuries or medical conditions. There are a variety of services that can help individuals overcome the issues preventing them from being able to speak precisely and clearly. Instead of patients having to go to an office for an appointment, the services can be brought to them through Home Speech Pathology Services. Many speech pathologists have determined the home is the best area for speech therapy because it allows the pathologist to be able to fully structure a tailored treatment plan that addresses a patient’s particular life needs.

At the first appointment with the speech pathologist, the patient will be asked a series of questions to gauge where their speech issues lie. It is not that the pathologist is looking for right and wrong answers, but they are monitoring how the patient speaks. These areas are observed.

  • Sentence length
  • Clarity of speech
  • Use of proper grammar
  • Attention span

While many think of speech therapy being something only small children will need, patients of all ages go through this therapy. Speech pathologists may work with toddlers who are having difficulty being vocal or older stroke victims who are no longer able to communicate like they once were. Speech pathologists can also work with patients who have lisps or that stutter so their speech is clearer and more concise.

Speech pathologists can help with:

  • Articulation – Some individuals have trouble speaking clearly or make errors in certain sounds.
  • Fluency – Natural conversation flows, but some individuals have difficulty with their conversation flow because of issues like stuttering.
  • Resonance – The pitch, volume, and quality of speech are important for proper communication.
  • Oral feeding issues – Many are surprised to find speech therapy can help with issues related to eating, swallowing, and excessive drooling.
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