What You Can Expect in a Spin Class

Spin classes are all the rage in fitness. Using a stationary bike in a fitness studio, a class is typically led by a spinning expert and the workout is set to upbeat music for motivation. You will be working out in a group and burn some major calories in the process.


The instructor for the session should be certified in spinning. These are fitness experts that know the proper technique of using the bike and are trained in all the top education out there. They are required to take continued education requirements, so they are always the best of the best.

Your instructor should be impassioned to teach their class and should always be available when you need help in proper technique or additional instruction. Spin classes in Chicago are a great place to find certified instructors.


As you cycle, you are instructed that you are in control of your bike. You can heighten the intensity and speed as you wish. Your bike should not be a cake walk, though and you should challenge yourself throughout the workout. Most classes last between 45-60 minutes. As the music begins, your instructor will start telling you what level of intensity your bike should be at and how fast to pedal. The whole routine is choreographed so that the group looks like one fine tuned machine.

If you get tired throughout the routine, the instructor should encourage you to keep pedaling, just at a slower pace. Stopping mid workout is not recommended, just slow the pedaling until you catch your breath.


You should wear form fitting clothing that poses no risk in getting entangled in the bicycle. Proper athletic shoes are a must as well. Some of the more advanced participants wear proper biking cleats and biking shorts or pants. These are not required but may provide more comfort during the workout.

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