Benefits of Visiting a Highly-skilled Massage Therapist

Getting a massage can be a very relaxing experience, and people often visit a Highly-skilled Massage Therapist as a treat. However, getting a massage can have a wide variety of other benefits as well.

Improves Health
Massage therapy may be helpful for more than just getting rid of muscle pain, tension and stress. Some research shows it may also help relieve fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, anxiety, headaches, stress-related insomnia, temporomandibular joint pain, nerve pain and myofascial pain syndrome. It may also strengthen immune function, lower blood pressure and improve breathing. This doesn’t mean people can skip a doctor visit and just get a massage, but it may be a good additional therapy to add to a treatment plan. If you have any health condition, speak with your doctor about whether a massage could help and whether it would be safe for you.

Functional Benefits
Some people tend to slouch and not pay enough attention to proper posture, setting themselves up for problems later. Taking time out to get a massage can help improve posture, which can be hard to correct once it gets out of whack. Getting a good massage can also improve both ranges of motion and flexibility, helping limit age-related restrictions in movement and injuries.

Massage and Weight Loss
While you won’t lose weight just by visiting a Highly-skilled Massage Therapist, this can work together with other weight-loss strategies to improve results. Getting regular massages helps to soothe sore muscles, repair injuries and improve flexibility, all of which make it possible to exercise more so that people can burn more calories, leading to better weight-loss results. Massages can also serve as a way to reward yourself for all the hard work and dietary changes necessary for sustained weight loss.

Just be sure to tell the massage therapist if you’ve got any injuries, so they can take care not to aggravate them. Also, some conditions make it better to avoid massages, such as burns, broken bones, bleeding disorders, taking blood thinners, deep vein thrombosis, severe thrombocytopenia and severe osteoporosis. Pregnant women should only get massages from therapists specially trained to work with women during pregnancy.


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