Assisted Senior Living Vs. Living Alone

Senior living options in New York have expanded tremendously over the past few years. Advances in senior living facilities mean that residents of New York have much better choices than they used to. However, the plethora of choices sometimes makes it even more difficult to decide what senior living options are best for you or your loved ones. The two most common options for senior living in New York include assisted senior living versus independent living.

Independent living is not necessarily the same as living alone. Living alone is the worst case scenario for most seniors, because loneliness has deleterious effects on mental and physical health. Independent living in senior living facilities like Chelsea Senior Living in New York offers the best of both worlds: total freedom and independence but within a broad-minded and diverse community. The facilities and amenities in an independent living facility enhance the overall the quality of life, without sacrificing any degree of independence. You can also hire your favorite home health aides, housekeepers, or therapists within the independent living context.

However, independent living is not for everyone. Some seniors have impaired mobility. They might need help remembering to take their medications, and might need extra social stimulation within a senior living community. In New York, assisted living provides the optimal balance between independence and living alone. Choosing assisted living means that you will be surrounded by supportive people—both peers and healthcare staff—who enhance quality of life. You have access to dancing, movies, games, and other social activities. You also have access to safe and reliable transportation to local events, shopping, and activities.

So which one is best? Assisted senior living and independent living are completely different options for seniors in New York. Level of physical and mental functioning and personal preferences usually determine which one is right for you. Chelsea Senior Living offers both of these options, and staff can help you decide which one might be best for your loved one.

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