3 Key Elements to Look For in a Reliable Medical Device Distributor

When you need to order new GE ultrasound machines and other medical devices, you must be able to rely on the distributor you choose. While that seems like a simple requirement, there are several different factors to consider when trying to determine the reliability of a potential distributor. This guide details a few of the most important factors to consider in choosing your new distributor.

Warranty and Return Policies
Before you buy any medical equipment, you should be sure the device comes with a manufacturer warranty. Additionally, you should discuss the return policy with the distributor. Ahead of ordering from the distributor, be sure they do offer a return policy, and you should ask for detailed information on the restrictions and requirements for returns.

Maintenance and Repair Services
While every distributor may not have their own service personnel, you should try to work with a company that does service the devices they sell. This can save you from having to find an additional business to service broken or malfunctioning equipment. Additionally, it will be less troubling to meet warranty stipulations when you can schedule service from the same company that sold you the equipment.

Delivery Times
You should also inquire about delivery times, and ask if those times apply to all devices regardless of size. If the distributor doesn’t have an item in stock, it may take longer to get that product to your medical facility. This is information you’ll need in advance since you may rely on having GE ultrasound machines or other equipment delivered by a specific date.

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