Various Exercises for Strength Training

A lot of people exercise to try to get stronger, but strength training isn’t just one individual discipline. There are a number of different types of strength exercises that you can try, each with different advantages, disadvantages, and challenges. Knowing which one is best for you, for your abilities and for your goals, is the best way to maximize your personal workout. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of strength training.

Bodybuilding is a form of working out that involves primarily lifting weights focused on individual muscles known as isolation exercises. The focus on each muscle group one after another is to build the most physically pleasing aesthetic, but it might not be the most efficient workout towards an overall more capable body. Bodybuilding emphasizes high amounts of everything, sets, reps, and weights, in these isolation exercises.

Powerlifting is somewhat of the opposite of bodybuilding. Instead of being focused on aesthetic, it is focused on the material, literally pushing yourself to be able to lift the most possible. Powerlifting involves three main exercises, the deadlift, the squat, and the bench press. In contrast with bodybuilding, powerlifting is about very low sets and reps of very high weights.

Explosive or Power Training
Explosive training is exactly what it sounds like, an attempt to generate the most energy or force possible in a small amount of time. Throwing heavy objects like medicine balls in quick succession, fast jump-roping, and lower body agility workouts all are a form of explosive training. This is a form of strength training usually focused on athletics, as it builds up the relevant muscles to be capable of certain specific feats that will be required. For example, a football player would do lower body agility exercises to build up the leg strength necessary to push them through the line during a game.

Bodyweight Training
Just about the simplest form of strength training, bodyweight training is when you simply use the weight of your own body to do strength exercises. Push-ups and sit-ups are the most known forms of bodyweight training, but you can do bodyweight exercises that work your entire body. While they will have less significant results than other forms of strength training, the relative ease and lack of resources required make bodyweight training a great supplementary choice.

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