Becoming A Holistic Health Practitioner: A Mile-High View

Holistic medicine is more than a science—it’s the art of healing which addresses the mind and the spirit in addition to the body. Holiopathic health practitioners don’t believe that answers can be found from one component part of the whole individual. Instead, they believe that a person must be considered a whole being in order to be the most effective at promoting optimum health throughout all aspects of the individual’s life.

Fundamentals of Holistic Medicine

The American Holistic Health Association emphasizes the key principles of holistic medical practice, a few of which are listed below:
* Discovering the underlying cause of the disease is the primary goal and preferable to treating only the symptoms.

* Illness is not viewed as an isolated event, but rather as the result of the dysfunction of the whole.

* The relationship between the client and practitioner is emphasized during care, and holistic health practitioners understand that they can influence their clients by example.


Before you can enroll in a holistic health practitioner degree program, you will need to have graduated from high school or obtained a GED. After acceptance, you can expect your program to last between one and two years. At the New Eden School of Natural Health, for example, a student finishes the curriculum with 60 credit hours. Students are then rewarded with an Associate Degree in Holistic Health Studies.

What You’ll Learn

Students of holistic health practitioner degree programs are trained to practice and understand a number of healing arts, all with the philosophy and principles of holistic medicine at the basis of learning. Students will take classes in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, chemistry, pathology, approaches to natural health, herbology, reflexology, and many other areas of study so that they can work as well-rounded practitioners.


Once you’ve obtained your holistic health practitioner degree, it will be recommended that you apply to become board certified via the American Council for Holistic Medicine. Graduates are also encouraged to pursue membership with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners.

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