Treatments For Disc Degeneration In New Jersey

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, the reason may be disc degeneration. This ailment affects the vertebrae of your lower back and can cause long-lasting pain, especially in younger adults. Thankfully, there are ways of treating this condition that may not involve surgery. If you live in the New Jersey area and suffer from disc degeneration, you may want to consult a doctor at the Coastal Back and Pain Institute. When talking about disc degeneration treatments, there are passive and active methods that can help. Here are some examples.

Passive Treatments

*Pain Medication: if you consult a doctor, and they prescribe pain medication, that can go a long way toward relieving any discomfort you feel. You can also use over the counter medicines but consult a doctor first.

*Chiropractic Manipulation: you may be able to treat disc degeneration through manipulation of the spine. A chiropractor will know best about how to do that.

*Ultrasound: this disc degeneration treatment helps soothe the area by warming it with the sound waves generated by the ultrasound machine.

*Massage: in many cases, a lower back massage can help alleviate pain and reduce any discomfort in the area.

Active Treatments

*Exercise: even though it may seem counterintuitive, exercising your lower back can be a great way to relieve pain. As your muscles get stronger, they are less likely to put pressure on your spine and can help keep things even.

*Weight Loss: a fantastic disc degeneration treatment can be losing weight. Excess fat puts more pressure on your spine, which causes more pain. Both exercise and weight loss can be great long-term solutions without surgery.

*Ergonomics: perhaps the way you sit, stand or sleep is affecting your disc degeneration. By correcting your posture and getting ergonomic furniture, you can reduce any pain and soreness caused by this condition.

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