Why You May Need Sports Medicine in Crested Butte CO

There are many reasons why someone would need to go to a sports medicine facility. They are not just for athletes. These days, everyone is trying harder to get in shape. That means exercise and lots of it! Sometimes this can lead to injuries. You may tear ligaments by twisting your knee trying to lunge for that tennis shot. You might step wrong when you are jogging and injure your ankle or foot. Perhaps you hurt your shoulder or hip in a fall. All of these things may require some type of surgical repair and rehabilitation. This can all be done at sports medicine in Crested Butte CO.

The techniques that sports medicine facilities use are cutting edge. They now use what is called scope surgery, which is less invasive and requires much less time to heal. Instead of one long scar, this type of surgery uses three or four tiny incisions to repair your damaged joints and bones. Because the incisions are small, there is less pain and a shorter recovery time. The incision sites heal much faster, too.

Scope surgery, or arthroscopic surgery, is done by making a small incision and inserting a tiny camera to see where the damage has occurred. The image is then displayed on a monitor for the doctor to see and diagnose. He or she can then make a few other well placed tiny incisions to insert small surgical instruments in order to repair or remove damaged tissue. The procedure itself takes less time as well. Since the incisions are tiny, they are faster to close. This procedure can be done on anything from arthritis to torn ligaments to carpal tunnel syndrome and much more.

Check out websites like scopesurgery.com to do your own research. This will make you feel more comfortable about any upcoming procedure you may need. It will also help you in selecting a clinic offering sports medicine in Crested Butte CO or nearest you. The doctor there will put you at ease by explaining everything and showing you their facility. They will even explain any rehabilitation you may need. The whole process will be much easier for you.



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