Why Urgent Care Clinics Are Often Better Than the Hospital Emergency Room for Handling Non-Life-Threatening Problems

Many people can recount stories about waiting for hours trying to get care for a serious ailment in the hospital emergency room. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often. It can be quite frustrating, but many people are not aware that they have options when it comes to getting their medical needs taken care of. If you have a life-threatening emergency (such as breathing issues, chest pain, a head injury of any type, or poison ingestion), you should definitely visit a hospital emergency room so that someone can take care of you right away. For those problems that may not mean the difference between life and death but still need care (such as burns or scrapes), here are a few reasons that you may fare better going to an urgent care Walk In Clinic in Wallkill NY:

* Emergency rooms use a triage method to decide who gets seen first, and more serious problems will always take priority. At an urgent care clinic, patients are seen in the order in which they walk in. Because they are not usually as crowded, you won’t usually be sitting in the waiting room very long.

* A lot of patients are surprised when they get the bill for their emergency room visit. Taking advantage of hospital emergency services can be quite expensive. One of the best things about urgent care clinics is that your visit may be covered by your insurance plan, which means you could end up making a simple co-pay instead of incurring the large fees from a hospital.

* Urgent care clinics usually have hours that work with even the tightest of schedules. Many patients are able to visit on the weekends or on a weekday evening after work. This makes things quite convenient for the average patient, and it means that they can still get care even when their primary doctor’s office is closed. As an added bonus, they won’t even have to wait for an appointment.

If you’re in need of care for one of life’s little emergencies, choosing a Walk In Clinic in Wallkill NY over the hospital emergency room can often save you both time and money. Instead of waiting forever to be seen by a physician, Click Here to find out how you can get convenient, top-notch medical care from the friendly staff at Orange Urgent Care so you can get in, get out, and get on your way.

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