What You Should Know Before Visiting an Orthopedic Surgeon in Birmingham, AL

When visiting an orthopedic surgeon, you might expect several tests to determine the severity of your issue before surgery is scheduled. However, surgery might not be the first treatment option that your doctor will discuss with you as physical therapy could be used or various types of medications and injections to provide relief. Here are a few details to consider when you meet with an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, AL, so that you get the best results possible.

Cause of Injury

Your doctor will need to know all of the details about how you got hurt when you arrive at the office. If you’re experiencing pain because of a medical condition, then your doctor will need to learn as much as possible about your history before performing tests to determine the health issue.

When to Visit

For minor aches, pains, and swelling, you might not need to see an orthopedic surgeon. You can usually elevate the area or use a wrap to keep the area immobilized until you begin to feel relief. However, you don’t want to wait too long before visiting a doctor as there could be a break that you don’t notice or numbness that you experience as a result of an injury or medical condition.

The Examination

When you see an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, AL, you want to wear clothing that allows the doctor to easily see the area that is impacted. Examples include shorts or loose pants for leg injuries or short-sleeve shirts for issues with your arms.

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