What are the Warning Signs of a Sinus Infections in Keizer OR?

Sinus infections can occur at any age and are more serious than most people realize. If a sinus infection is not cared for properly, the infection could spread to other areas of the body and could potentially affect the brain. Sinus infections typically occur after a person has had a cold. Unfortunately, the signs of infection are not always obvious. It is crucial a person understands the warning signs they need to look for so they will know when they need to seek medical treatment for their Sinus Infections in Keizer, OR.

The signs of a sinus infection include:
• Pain is typically one of the most common symptoms people experience. There are several
sinus cavities located in the head. When the sinuses become filled with infection, they can become inflamed and swell, leading to a dull or throbbing pain. If the pain is felt on the forehead, on the cheekbones, or around the eyes, an infection may be in place.
• People who have a sinus infection will often have yellow or greenish nasal discharge. A person may need to blow their nose more often and may find their discharge is thicker and more difficult to dispel than with a simple cold.
• A person who is experiencing a sinus infection will typically find it difficult to breathe in and out of their nasal passages. They will also find their sense of smell is dramatically decreased.
• When the discharge from the nasal cavities begins flowing down the throat, a person may develop a cough or a sore throat. This can cause throat irritation that is difficult to deal with.
• Foul odors and bad tastes may be experienced when a person is suffering from a sinus infection. This putrid smell comes from the infection inside the sinus cavities.

If any of these signs is being experienced, it is likely a person is suffering from a Sinus Infections in Keizer, OR. If you feel like you may have a sinus infection, it is important you seek medical treatment right away. Visit so you can learn more about the services they offer to protect your health. Call them today for an appointment.

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