Two Life Events That Spark Interest in a Facelift in Naperville, IL

A facelift in Naperville, IL, accomplishes exactly what the name implies. The procedure lifts and tightens sagging skin on the face and jaw. It also tightens double chins and improves the neck’s appearance. Tighter skin reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines. Many men and women decide to have a facelift before a specific life event to look younger and more attractive.


The decision to get a facelift is often connected with a desire for increased self-confidence and to make a strong positive impression. Being displeased with sagging skin wrinkles and looking older than the person feels can decrease self-assurance. Planning a significant life event or attending a reunion with people one hasn’t seen in years can result in nervousness and anxiety. A boost in confidence makes it easier to take that step.

Looking to Date After a Divorce

Divorce can be the beginning of a new life chapter that includes the possibility of meeting a new partner. The prospect of dating can be a bit scary for someone who’s been married for many years. Getting a facelift in Naperville, IL, helps the individual feel more attractive and appealing to potential dates. An air of self-assurance can also be intriguing.

Class Reunion

A person who hasn’t been to a high school class reunion in a long time and doesn’t live near any classmates might want to look more youthful for this event and afterward. This could be especially desirable for someone who felt unattractive during the adolescent years and found high school to be a relatively unpleasant social experience. Contact the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery today to learn more.

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