The Importance of STD Testing in Cincinnati OH

Many people aren’t really open about testing for STDs. This is probably because admitting to having STDs is seen as evidence of reckless sexual behavior. However, the health implications of ignoring STDs are more serious than getting embarrassed at the testing center. This is the reason you should go for STD Testing in Cincinnati OH as soon as you start suspecting that you could be having an infection.

The common symptoms of STDs

Generally, you should consider going for a checkup if you are experiencing the following:

* An abnormal discharge from the genitals: at times, it could have a bad odor or a strange color.

* Pain while urinating

* Presence of boils and other kinds of blisters and wounds around the groin region.

* Pain when having sex.

* Pain in the lower abdomen and testicular pain in men

* Swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, weight loss and fever.

Note that these can also be the symptoms of other UTIs. It is therefore important to get a diagnosis as soon as you notice the symptoms to avoid complications. It is also important to note that there are some STD infections that are largely asymptomatic. Therefore, in case you suspect that you could have put yourself in a compromising situation, you should get tested and clear the air.

The dangers of not getting tested

Most STDs are very treatable or manageable if they are discovered early enough. However, if the patient takes time before they get medical assistance, the STDs become very difficult to handle. For instance, HIV infection will be handled very efficiently with ARVs if it is discovered in time. However, if the problem isn’t handled well, the patient’s immunity could get compromised, making them vulnerable to simple infections like common flu. Other STDs like gonorrhea can also be easily treated when discovered in time. However, if it is not, the infection can have far reaching effects such as causing infertility or blindness in unborn children.

To avoid being a victim of ignorance, you should go for STD Testing in Cincinnati OH as soon as you suspect that you could be infected. For more information about the issue, go to

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