The Benefits of Using Pediatric Urgent Care Facility in San Diego

It can be frightening when your child is injured, no matter how it occurs, but before you rush off to the emergency room at a nearby hospital, you should consider going to an urgent care facility instead. If the injury is minor, such as a sprained ankle or a cut, you will not only save money by going to urgent care instead, but you will receive faster service as well.

Why Choose an Urgent Care Facility?

Urgent care facilities are set up to treat minor emergencies, and there is no waiting for an appointment like you would have to with your child’s pediatrician. If you have one in the area, medical professionals working in a Pediatric Urgent Care Facility in San Diego are specifically trained to work with children of all ages and they know how to help put their patients, and their patients’ parents, at ease as they treat their injuries or illnesses.

Less Expensive Than an ER

Although the cost of your child’s medical care may be the last thing on your mind when they are being treated for an emergent illness or injury, you will pay less by going to an urgent care facility. In addition, if the Pediatric Urgent Care in San Diego is in your insurance network, you will usually only pay a small co-payment when you have to visit the facility. Your child’s medical insurance will take care of the rest of the bill.

Access to On-Site Labs

When you visit a pediatrician’s office, and they have to draw blood or do a urinalysis, they usually have to send the samples to a laboratory in order to get them processed. This means you have to wait for the test results to come back before knowing what is wrong with your child. However, when you visit a Pediatric Urgent Care Facility in San Diego, they usually have laboratories on site, so you do not have to wait long to get the results back from any tests that were ordered. This means treatment for your child’s illness can begin right away, making them feel better sooner.


Many urgent care facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if your child is injured or gets sick on a weekend, you do not have to wait until your doctor’s office is open to having them treated. You can take them to the facility and have their illness diagnosed or injury accessed right away. The quicker that your child can be seen will help them feel better sooner and recover faster.

These three benefits of visiting a Pediatric Urgent Care Facility in San Diego are only some of the many reasons you and your child will benefit from this type of care if they are injured or get sick.

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