Stop the Pain With Athletic Injuries Treatments in Joliet, IL

Podiatrists treat a large variety of foot and ankle problems. Some of those issues occur due to chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes, and others are age-related. Many of the patients they see are athletes. Athletic Injuries Treatments in Joliet IL can often include an examination followed by recommendations for at-home care, but those that ignore the examination to just fix the problem by themselves could cause more harm.

Sprains Hide Injuries

Active people are often well-acquainted with the discomfort of an ankle sprain. The painful injury can take people off their feet for a few days before the athlete can resume their normal routine. Unfortunately, the pain and swelling may come from a fracture and not a sprain. Heading back to the field, court, or other activity without treatment could mean additional injuries to the foot. The result of an untreated fracture is chronic pain, poor circulation and, sometimes, a need for surgical intervention.

Pain Gets Worse

Common injuries like plantar fasciitis strike many athletes, but that does not mean it is not a serious problem. Self-treatments like rest, stretching, and OTC shoe inserts help some patients, but many others will struggle with the pain for months without any relief. The wait could force them to quit their activities or the pain could spread to the calves, back, or elsewhere. Athletic Injuries Treatments in Joliet IL includes help for plantar fasciitis in the form of custom orthotics, steroid injections, and other therapeutic solutions.

Age Causes Injuries

Sometimes, athletes avoid treatment because they dislike admitting their age makes them vulnerable. Achilles tendinitis is a frequent problem for all athletes, but it becomes more common as people age. Those that ignore the pain and do not seek expert advice to alleviate the discomfort risk rupturing the tendon. The intense pain of a ruptured tendon is impossible to ignore and will always need surgery to repair.

The experts at places like Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates want to help people to relieve their pain and avoid future injury. Admission of an injury will not force people to be inactive longer. In fact, it often helps people get back to what they love sooner. An exam is the only way to guarantee the resolution of a problem before it has a chance to lead to something more severe.

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