Staying Safe While You Have Surgery In Hayward Operating Rooms

If you’re scheduled to have surgery, you want all of the steps to be conducted safely. Ask questions before the day of your surgery and even when you get home if there are concerns that you have about the recovery process. The following are a few things that the surgical staff should do to keep you and other patients as healthy as possible.


One component of surgery safety is understanding the reason for the procedure, the benefits that it will offer, and the risks that are involved. Even though there are possible risks with every surgery performed, your doctor should be able to explain how the likelihood will be decreased. Your doctor should also talk about other options that are available aside from surgery if they are possible.


While in the operating room, you should be given antibiotics to prevent an infection from developing. Another round of antibiotics can be given after surgery and when you get home. Proper handwashing and the proper use of supplies should be performed during surgery to decrease the risk of an infection as well.

The Right Patients

Before you go to the operating room, a step of surgery safety should be making sure you’re the correct patient. Your doctor should also ensure that the correct area that will be operated on is marked to prevent a mistake from occurring. The anesthesiologist should also talk to you about the medications that will be given and how they could make you feel so that you’re prepared before going to the operating room.

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