Signs of Sinus Problems in Louisville KY

Rhinosinusitis is the medical term for sinusitis. It is a sinus infection that occurs if a nasal cavity is inflamed, swollen or infected. In most cases, sinus problems in Louisville KY are the result of a virus and occur after other upper respiratory symptoms have passed. However, on some rare occasions, a sinus infection can be caused by bacteria or even a fungus. Getting to know more about this condition and when it is present can help a person know when treatment is needed.

Acute versus Chronic

If a person is suffering from acute sinusitis, it will only last for a very short time. According to experts, this condition lasts for under four weeks. Acute infections are typically part of some type of respiratory illness, such as a cold.

If a person is suffering from chronic sinus infections, then they are going to suffer from symptoms for 12 weeks or more, and their symptoms and sinus problems in Louisville KY are going to continue reoccurring.

Pain in the Sinuses

One of the most common signs of sinusitis is pain. There are several sinuses both below and above the eyes, and behind a person’s nose. All of these may begin to hurt when a person is suffering from a sinus infection.

Swelling and inflammation will cause the sinuses to ache with a persistent, dull pressure. An individual may also feel pain in their forehead, on both sides of the nose, in their upper teeth and jaw or in between their eyes. This often leads to a headache.

Nasal Discharge

If a person is suffering from a sinus infection, they may find that they have to blow their nose more often due to nasal discharge. This is usually yellow, green or cloudy in color. The discharge results from infected sinuses, and it drains into the nasal passage.

If a person is suffering from sinus issues, one of the best things they can do is to schedule an appointment with a professional. The doctor will be able to make a diagnosis and ensure that the proper treatment is provided. In most cases, seeking help is the best way to ensure that a sinuses problem is addressed.

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