Save Money by Hiring Professionals to Migrate Your Firm to a New EHR

Moving to an EHR can greatly benefit a medical institution, but much of the benefits of the move are contingent on accurate medical chart abstraction. A new EHR is a reporting, facilitation, and dissemination tool. The utility lies in the ability to cross-reference and quickly share a patient’s history and present patient data. The migration of data from an existing system to an EHR must be done with the highest degree of care. A professional company that can properly migrate is strongly recommended to provide the best usability in the quickest amount of time. Here are a few reasons why.

Timeliness Is a Priority

Having a dedicated team to the transference of data will allow for the completion of migration in a timelier manner. If the migration were done by your team, they would have to spend a large portion of their precious time away from patient care. Professional migration specialists are cognizant of time and have the experience needed to deliver outcomes swiftly. A migration by a team of professionals will almost always be quicker.

Accuracy Is Assured

The experience that allows for migration specialists to work quickly also informs their ability to produce accurate patient data. The migration of patient charts could potentially involve many internal and external systems that vary in format (digital and non-digital). Their special knowledge of many practices of record keeping allows them to better understand historic data representations and represent them in the new EHR.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring a professional chart abstraction specialist is a solution that saves you money. You do not have to spend staff time which could be spent with patients or treatment technologies. Removing staff from vital actions of the medical institution would represent inefficiency. In the case that the necessity for data migration is immediate, using existing staff would require overtime costs for the institution. A professional team can minimize any additional costs and help keep your medical practice up and running.

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