Residential Home Health Care in Newnan, GA for Palliative Care

Hospice services are designed to keep terminally ill patients comfortable and support both the patient and the family while they transition into the final months of the life expectancy. Palliative care shifts the focus from fighting and treating the illness to letting the illness take its natural course. Hospice services are available when two qualified doctors agree that, in their professional judgment, the patient has only up to six months to live. The patient is assessed, and a customized care plan is developed based on needs, family involvement, and the wishes of the patient.

Where Care Takes Place

Hospice services become part of Residential Home Health Care Newnan GA. If the family members have been primary caregivers, that does not change unless needs require skilled care. If a patient is a resident of a nursing home, care can be provided in that facility. There are some agencies that offer hospice care, such as Sacred Journey Hospice, that operate a home or facility where patients can go to get the care and support needed.

The Team

A team may consist of nurses to administer pain medications, therapists to relieve muscle tension or tightness, and home health workers to provide some care to allow the family to run errands, prepare meals, or have a night out. Doctors, trained volunteers, social workers, chaplains, and counselors are also available for support. A social worker, for example, helps with case management, encourages the patient to select someone to make medical and care decisions should they become incapable of doing so, and helps the patient and family to decide on final arrangements to make life easier when death occurs.

Support groups and bereavement counseling are facilitated by counselors and a bereavement counselor follows the family for up to thirteen months after their loved one has died. Residential Home health Care Newnan GA can be provided 24/7 when needs require around-the-clock care. Those wishing to explore the possibilities and details of hospice care can Visit the website and discover all the ways support is given under these difficult circumstances. Do not wait until stress and fear have gripped everyone involved. Families do not have to go through these months alone.

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