What to Do While Recovering From Cataract Surgery in Honolulu

Choosing to undergo Cataract Surgery Honolulu means the opportunity to once again see the world clearly. Thanks to the methods used today, much of the risk involved with this type of surgery is a thing of the past. Even so, there are things patients can do to ensure the healing moves forward without any complications. Here are a few of the recommendations the surgeon will make.

No Driving the First Day

Expect visual acuity to still be limited the first day. That means arranging for someone to do the driving on the way home. In general, that first day needs to focus on resting and enjoying activities that do not require sight. Someone else can run the errands. Focus on allowing the eyes to rest from the surgery by settling into a comfortable chair and listening to some soothing music.

Forget About Bending and Exercise For Now

For the first several days, it’s important to not engage in physical activity that involves any type of bending or stress. That includes exercise or bending over to retrieve a pot or pan stored under the kitchen counter. As the healing progresses, the surgeon will provide permission to resume some activities. In the meantime, enjoy letting someone else take care of those tasks.

No Swimming or Using the Hot Tub

For the first week after the Cataract Surgery Honolulu, it’s important to protect the eyes from possible infection. That will mean staying out of the pool and avoiding the use of the hot tub. After the eyes have healed and the vision is beginning to clear, the surgeon can decide when these activities no longer pose a threat.

Don’t Rub the Eyes

Many people rub their eyes without thinking. This usually happens when the eyes feel tired. Since there is likely to be a sensation of mild irritation, the desire to rub the eyes in the first few days after the Cataract Surgery Honolulu will be especially strong. Resist the urge and talk with a medical professional about other ways to ease the irritation.

If the vision is not what it used to be, and cataracts may be the problem, Visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic today and arrange a complete examination. If cataracts are the issue, rest assured surgery will make a big difference.

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