Reasons To Have A PET Scan Of Your Heart In A California Health Facility

If your doctor feels that there could be a health concern regarding your heart, then a PET scan might be ordered. This is a scan that can look at the structure and function of your heart in a way that is a bit more detailed than other exams. The following are a few details to keep in mind pertaining to a PET scan cardiology procedure.

About the Scan

Most of the time, you’ll be awake while the scan is performed. When you arrive at the medical facility, a dye will be injected intravenously that will allow your doctor to better view the flow of blood through your heart. This can help determine if there are any blockages or if there are any other issues that need to be addressed. The scan only takes about an hour to two hours to complete from the time you’re injected with the dye until you leave.

Reasons Why It’s Done

Aside from detecting blockages, a PET scan cardiology procedure is performed if you present with an irregular heartbeat. It can also be performed if you experience chest pain or any kind of tightness in your chest that isn’t associated with other symptoms. If you’ve had other tests performed on your heart that has delivered abnormal results, then your doctor might want to do a PET scan to get a better look at the function and structure of your heart to rule out diseases or other issues. Once all of the information is available, your doctor can begin the proper treatments for the symptoms that you have.

After the Scan

Unless there is an emergent situation that is detected, you can usually go home right after the scan. There are usually no side effects from the dye used, and you likely won’t need to limit any of your activities. Results are often available later in the day or within a few days depending on how many other tests and scans your doctor has to review.

Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc. for more details about what to expect during a PET scan.

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