Quick and Effective Treatments in Hyde Park for Easing Common Foot Ailments

Everyday life is not necessarily conducive to good foot health. Activities like standing on your feet all day and wearing dress shoes to work can take their toll on your feet, causing you to suffer from significant pain every day.

When you need treatment for foot ailments like bunions in Hyde Park, you want to seek it out from a doctor who is specifically trained to diagnose and remedy this part of your body. You can get the fast and effective relief that you need to avoid pain and stiffness in your toes, arches and elsewhere in your feet.

Braces for Bunions

Bunions typically form on the side of the big toe and can cause significant discomfort even when you are not standing or wearing dress shoes. These bone growths can ache for no apparent reason and also develop arthritis in them. Further, they make your feet look unattractive and out of joint.

Rather than hide your feet by wearing socks and shoes all of the time, you can undergo treatment for bunions in Hyde Park. Your doctor can prescribe to you a specially designed braces that fits in between your big toe and the toe next to it. The brace pushes the big toe out toward the outside of the foot so that the bunion is visibly corrected.


If wearing a brace does not relieve the sight or symptoms of your bunion, you could have to undergo surgery for it. Surgery will allow your doctor to shave away the bunion on the outside of the big toe bone. You will have to spend several weeks recovering and may have to miss a few days of work.

You can find out more about bunion treatment online. Contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle to set up a consultation or get more information.

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