Preventative Care with Pet Vaccines in Manahawkin, NJ

Pet care is a big responsibility. It takes time and money to keep your pet healthy. Veterinary care should begin as soon as you get your pet. This may be a first puppy visit, or a checkup for an older, adopted dog. Many people wait until something is wrong with their pet to go to the vet. Preventative care is just as important and can save your pet’s life.

Annual Visits

Annual vet visits are usually non-eventful. Your vet looks over your dog or cat and makes sure they are a healthy weight. Dogs may also have a heartworm test at this visit. This confirms their heartworm status, so the right preventative medication can be prescribed. The pet vaccines also happen during the annual checkup. These are especially important for puppies. They are more susceptible to things such as distemper and parvo. These are deadly diseases that often come from the outdoor elements. Pet vaccines in Manahawkin, NJ can save your dog’s life.


The rabies vaccine is required by law in many areas. It is also administered a bit differently. After a dog has a regular shot at one year, they may be eligible for a three-year dosage. The second-year rabies shot, however, must take place prior to the expiration date of the first shot. If your adult dog had a rabies shot on October 1st, for example, you must go back for pet vaccines on or before October 1st the next year. Rabies is a fatal disease and very dangerous to humans, as well. Visit us to schedule your rabies shot today.

Pets need routine care to remain healthy. The annual checkup is the best place to start. Your vet may be able to find health issues early on when you commit to preventative care. This can help you provide the best for your pet.

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