Photofacials can Reverse the Facial Damage Caused by Sun and Aging

Life has a way of packing on the years if you’re lucky. This is a good thing in many ways because everyone wants to live a long life filled with happiness. One of the negatives that many people experience is associated with the damage to the facial skin caused by over exposure to sun and aging process. This exposure and aging process can lead to slight or major imperfections of the skin which causes the tone to appear bland and uneven. The occurrence of spots, both light and dark are also a possible effect. The most common imperfections are a result of broken capillaries that can cause skin to look and feel less than beautiful. Chicago residents are experiencing great results with a treatment known as photofacial and it helps skin to return to its radiant and natural glow.

The Basics

Photofacials are relatively simple to perform and are non-invasive for the most part. The procedure is generally done with a hand-held laser device that puts out filtered waves of light to the area of skin being treated. It is a bright emission of light that delivers an extremely high energy force that concentrates on the blood vessels and skin lesions of the treated area. These areas soak in the light which causes a gradual fading of the dark pigmentation over the next couple of weeks following the treatment. This is a local procedure that doesn’t require much time at all and this makes it even more appealing for people with uneven skin tone and sun damage.

Confidence Booster

The difference a photofacial treatment makes can be life changing for some people. There are many times that people with aged or sunburned skin will become withdrawn and miss out on several social events. The confidence boosting effects of photofacial treatments are amazing and can cause people to have a completely different outlook on life. The skin is practically the first thing people notice about others and those with concerns will often let this deter them from interacting with others. Photofacial treatments can help restore confidence and rejuvenate the skin to its original or more improved state. There are many benefits to be gained with this treatment but regaining a sense of happiness in life is by far the greatest. Skin damage reversal is a highly requested service that produces great results when done professionally.

Photofacials Chicago are positive treatment for sunburned skin or uneven skin tone. The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery knows the importance of healthy looking skin.

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