How Natural Hormone Therapy in Plano TX Benefits Women

Women going through pre-menopause or menopause can often experience the symptoms of hormonal changes much younger than they imagine. You may begin to feel depressed or fatigued and have hot flashes in your early 40s or even late 30s. Some women rarely notice any symptoms but may have a decreased sex drive and gain weight.

Most women tend to ignore these symptoms because they’re helping others. The problem is that the hormonal changes won’t go away and a traditional prescription may not help much. Hormones are essential to your body and regulate and stimulate almost every process from digestion to growth. If you experience a hormonal imbalance, it could be time to consider natural hormone therapy in Plano TX.

What It Is

Natural hormone therapy in Plano TX can help you deal with hormone imbalances, and it is relatively safe. Studies have shown that traditional therapies can increase your chance of developing heart disease and some cancers. Bioidentical therapy, also called BHRT, is a natural alternative.

These bioidentical hormones are created in a lab, but they use the same chemicals and structure as your body. They are made with natural sources, such as yams and soy, which replicate the structure of the hormones your body creates itself.

Your body metabolizes these bioidentical hormones much better than with synthetic versions, which means there is less of a chance your body rejects them or develops other complications.


Choosing something natural ensures that you can maintain your current weight or lose weight more easily. As you age, your body tends to gain weight and can’t lose it as efficiently. It can also help you keep up your energy and vitality, as decreasing thyroid hormones can make you feel sluggish and tired all the time. For more information visit Revive Med Spa.

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