Mommy Makeovers Restore Post-Pregnancy Bodies

There is a growing number of women who undergo a Mommy Makeover after they deliver their child. A Mommy Makeover in Naperville consists of a number of procedures that restore or improve post pregnancy bodies.

A Mommy Makeover resonates instantly with many mom’s, people who are extremely proud of being a mother but are unhappy with their post pregnancy shape and wish to regain their former physique. Many women that wish to resume their career will want to get back into shape as quickly as possible; many others simply want to look their best.

A Mommy Makeover in Naperville is not a surgical procedure such as a rhinoplasty; it is a custom designed program that includes any combination of procedures that make sense to the patient and the surgeon.

At the heart of most Mommy Makeovers is the “tummy tuck.” Pregnancy stretches not only the skin but the muscles of the abdomen as well. Once the abs have been altered you can do sits up by the hour and the old tone will not be restored. A plastic surgeon can make an incision low on the pelvis, through this incision the surgeon can tighten the muscles and remove any unneeded skin.

Most women gain weight on their hips and thighs during pregnancy. After the child is born those fat pockets can prove difficult to eliminate, may women elect liposuction to rid their bodies of this unwanted fat commonly known as “love handles.”

Breast surgery is a common component of a Mommy Makeover in Naperville. Childbearing and subsequent breast feeding can have an impact on the youthful breasts mothers remember having prior to child bearing. Many mothers will opt for a breast lift while others will opt for implants as well as a lift if their breasts have lost volume.

If the patient is in good health the plastic surgeon will often elect to perform the tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement at the same time, the key is the amount of time the surgeon believes the patient will be under anesthesia. In other cases the patient may elect to have the surgery’s done at different times.

Many women will take the opportunity to get a thigh lift as part of the Mommy Makeover; this procedure elevates and tightens the upper legs.There is one common denominator of a Mommy Makeover in Naperville and that is the universal delight women have with their new body.

A woman’s body changes considerably during pregnancy. A plastic surgeon can perform a Mommy Makeover in Naperville that will help a mother regain her shape and tone. You are invited to discuss the various procedures with the surgeons at Chicagoland Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery and Medi Spa.

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