Key Items to Bring With You When You Enter a Retirement Care Home

If you’re looking into senior home care in Decatur, GA, you may be looking into senior home care for yourself or for a loved one. Moving into a new environment can be very challenging, especially when you’re so used to living in your own space. The great thing about senior home care facilities is that they can help you enjoy the next chapter of your life while assisting you with the parts of your life that you need help with. One key way to make sure your transition into senior home care living is a great one is to bring along items that will help you settle in beautifully. Some of those items include the following.


One way that you can make your new home feel like home is to decorate it. Bring along your favorite accessories and small pieces of furniture to make your new home really feel lived in. Purchase items like cozy blankets, pictures, and small pieces of art to give the space a polished look.

Cherished Personal Items

One way to really make a home feel like a home is to bring your favorite personal items. This could be a special notebook that you write in, or it could be a cherished heirloom that only has value to you. These types of elements remind you of home and can help you feel a lot less displaced.

Comfortable Clothing

Bring comfortable clothing that’s attractive but also comfortable to move around in. Pack away a few activewear items in case you want to do some exercises with other residents. Included a special outfit for special nights. Bring your favorite makeup along so that you can always add a bit of something like lipstick to make yourself feel extra special.

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