Is Surrogacy An Option If You Want To Have A Child In Oakland CA?

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Healthcare

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Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby in her womb for another person who can’t have a child for some reason. In many cases eggs and sperm are used from the intended parents so there is no biological connection between the birth mother and baby. Sometimes the surrogate mother may also be the egg donor, though this is more common amongst same sex couples or with females who don’t have viable eggs.

There are many reasons that people choose surrogacy over other methods of having children, such as adoption. The most common reason is that couples who desire to have biological children can do so, even if the female of the couple can’t carry to term for some reason. For example, if a woman had a hysterectomy because of a medical need at some point in her life she may still have viable eggs but obviously can’t get pregnant. Surrogacy is also used by same sex couples who desire to have children as well.

With more and more states giving same sex couples the right to marry it is estimated that parenthood through surrogacy in Oakland CA will see healthy increase in the next few years as well as in other states.There are many benefits to using a surrogate instead of adopting. Beyond being able to have a child that is biologically yours, with a surrogate you get to be a part of the entire process from beginning to end. A lot of couples really feel this helps the bonding process and gives them a feeling from the beginning of the child being theirs.

Keep in mind that although it is a wonderful process, when you opt for surrogacy in Oakland CA, you will have to make sure that all of the legal aspects are taken care of before the process begins. There will be contracts to sign and it is important that all involved parties understand every aspect of what they are signing, as the contracts are legally binding. If you are thinking about obtaining a surrogate or you are interested in becoming a surrogate yourself, surrogacy agencies can help you with all of the questions you may have. For more information, contact Laurel Fertility Care- Oakland

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