Infertility Treatment in Norman OK Isn’t Needed Until a Year of Active Trying Has Been Met

It is almost a perfectly even split when it comes to infertility. It is widely reported that 30% of women are the main source of infertility problems, and 30% of men. The rest of the cases involve a mixture of problems involved with both parties.

Infertility is far more common than what is led to be believed. But, many people believe that they may be infertile far before they have gone through the proper motions. When is infertility a potential issue? When should questions begin to be asked about either person’s infertility?

Infertility Treatment in Norman OK will isolate the source of infertility. But, it will only be done if the pair has gone through their own testing. Before ever going through a treatment process, a pair should be actively trying to conceive for at least a year. This is the case even if the pair is under 35. It is agreed-upon that women over age 35 may have more complications in becoming pregnant. Women over 35 may want to consult a physician prior to the recommended one-year timeframe (six months is usually recommended).

Sex should be done about every other day. More than that is unnecessary. Sperm lives in the reproductive tract for about 48 hours. Women may also want to receive an ovulation predicter kit. The kit will help pinpoint when a woman is most apt to get pregnant. It can help maximize their chances of a pregnancy. The year timeframe assumes that a couple is having sex about three to four times a week, and the woman has a general idea of when they are ovulating. The official website of Life’s Cycles Womens Care has more.

Getting pregnant isn’t really easy. It may seem easy because everyone else is having babies. But, the reality in Infertility Treatment in Norman OK is a lot different. Pairs need to have sex throughout a 12 month period to really know if infertility is a concern. Patients can often wait through this initial period before consulting a physician. The only exceptions are if there is already knowledge of a present issue, such as a low sperm count or a past inflammatory disease. In all, infertility is common. Being unable to have a baby for a year is, even more, common.

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