Important Things To Know About Botox In Chicago

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding Botox in Chicago – from unfounded rumors to one-off horror stories. The fact is, it is a perfectly safe procedure. As long as you have it performed at a reputable clinic by a licensed clinician, there is really nothing to fear. Still, there are a number of people who put off having the procedure done, or who avoid it altogether, due to the massive amount of misinformation they read. Others will rush into the procedure, without having done any prior research, and are shocked by the results. Here are some important things to know about Botox in Chicago, to help make your decision, and eventual experience, a lot easier.

Botox Won’t Numb or Freeze Your Face

Despite the many pop culture references, Botox in Chicago, when properly done, won’t freeze your face or leave you expressionless. Too much Botox will have adverse affects, including numbness, and too little won’t affect you at all, but when the right amount is injected, it will give you the smooth, wrinkle free skin you are seeking. Just be sure to investigate the clinic thoroughly, and ensure that you’re working with a clinician with whom you feel comfortable.

It Isn’t All That Painful

Another fear that many people have about receiving Botox in Chicago is the pain of all those injections. In all actuality, these injections are very small needles, smaller than those used to draw blood, and result in far less pain. If you are feeling nervous about the pain, or if you have a very low pain threshold, most clinics will use a topical anesthesia on the area or will numb it with ice before the injections.

The Side Effects Are Minimal

Unlike most other types of cosmetic surgery, the side effects of Botox in Chicago are minimal. Rarely, some droopiness of the eyelid can occur, but this usually vanishes within a week or so. Other patients say that the injections caused them to experience some mild bruising around the forehead, but those are often the result of less experienced clinicians rather than the Botox injections themselves. Choosing a skilled, experienced clinician will reduce the risk of droopiness and bruising.

There Is No Age Minimum or Maximum

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, there are no minimums or maximums when it comes to age. Botox in Chicago can be done on patients as young as 24 or as old as 64, as long as they will benefit from the procedure. Most surgeons recommend that the procedure not be done until the patient starts to notice “static wrinkles”. Static wrinkles are those that remain after the face has changed expressions, or when the face becomes expressionless. Other types of wrinkles, those that appear when you smile for example, are called dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles will not be affected by Botox.

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