How to Decide on Your Perfect Size

Finally, you have made the decision to go ahead and schedule your surgery. After meeting with the best breast implants surgeon in Chicago, you feel comfortable about your choice. The next step is to determine the look you are after. Your doctor should provide you with helpful suggestions based on your body type and lifestyle. As you get closer to the surgery date, you need to make a final decision. The best thing to do is study before and after photos. Search online and speak with others who have had the surgery. If you are still having a hard time deciding, here are two great tips to help you.

Understand Your Body Type

When considering the size and type of implants, always think about your body type. Women who are heavier and taller can carry larger cup sizes. So, a larger size would be appropriate and comfortable for them. If you are a small woman, and on the shorter side, you want to choose a size that will be in proportion to the rest of your body. Choosing a breast size that is too large for your frame can lead to discomfort. Sometimes, you will have a specific idea in your mind of what you want to see in the mirror after your surgery. However, if your doctor has suggested going for a smaller cup size, it might be best to follow the doctor’s orders.


Consider your lifestyle when deciding. Your activity level will play a huge part in this. Are you the type of person who spends hours a week in the gym? Do you enjoy high impact running? Breast implants will not limit you in any way if you make a smart choice. If you are extremely active, speak to your doctor and let them know the concerns. Continuing to live an active lifestyle can become difficult if you make the wrong decision. Breast implants that are not in proportion to your body and lifestyle can bring complications down the road.

Be open to the advice from your doctor; they have years of experience for a reason.

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