In Home Nursing Services

Nothing torments a patient more than the sickly environment of a hospital structure. In the bid to make the patient especially the terminally ill comfortable, the concept of home-based care was born. Dating back in the history of nursing home based care was majorly discouraged because the caregivers were not well versed with important skills such as infection prevention and counseling. In today’s world education has become rampant and even the patient’s relatives are literate enough to understand proper procedures and care given to the patient at home. With the rise in morbidity among the human race, the hospitals have become crowded leading to overworked medical practitioners and caregivers; it’s for this concern that in-home nursing services, especially for the terminally ill, is encouraged.

There are misconceptions that in-home nursing services does not provide the patient with necessary care to heal since they are not always one on one with the doctor. What is usually forgotten is that patients prefer to be closer to their loved ones at week times. Psychological well-being of a patient is a vital component of their overall recovery. In- home, nursing services are mostly led by a nurse who identifies the caretaker in the family of the ill and then progresses to make a working plan together with a care plan to have the care given to the patient of objectivity.

The main advantages of home-based care is that it gives the community time to their patient to share thoughts and love. It also enhances the community’s responsibility capabilities to accept the ill in the homes. According to the studies carried out on home-based, those patient nursed in their homes have a better prognosis and even die much later than the ones who spend their time in the hospital beds. in-home nursing services has led to a better understanding of different ailments by the community thus increasing their awareness on preventive and curative measures.

Countries all over the world have embraced this kind of patients care as it encourages primary healthcare structure which is the main component based in the community for disease prevention purposes. A lot of organizations founded in the hospitals have extended their care to homes, to provide holistic care as much or better than the hospital would.

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