Home Exercises That Can Help With Neck Pain In Chicago

For many in Chicago, neck pain prevails, and they will head to their doctors and chiropractors. While physicians and chiropractors can help reduce problems in your body, they will likely want to use medication to do so. Most people would rather fix their problems without medicine, whenever possible because it can be dangerous and expensive to take that much medicine. Therefore, you may want to consider some home exercises that can also reduce your pains and allow you to live a comfortable life.


While sitting in a comfortable chair and position, move your head back while keeping your eyes focused on something right in front of you. Return to your neutral position and repeat the process at least 10 times. Many people prefer to sit up straight and lean their head back until it touches the chair back.

Head Drop

While seated, pull your chin into the body and then move the head backward as far as you comfortably can. Return to normal and repeat 10 times. You should never feel any pains when doing stretches or exercises, so if you do, see a chiropractor or doctor.

Side Bend

Tilting your head to one side can work the muscles of the neck. Tilt just the head to one side and then place your hand on the top of your head and pull slightly. Repeat on the other side and repeat both sides at least five times, going deeper into the stretch if possible.


Simply rotating your head from the left to the right can also stretch those muscles and help with any pains you are feeling. Just remember to go slowly and gently so that you do not hurt yourself even more.


While sitting, place your hands on the back of your head and then tilt your head downward to look at the floor. You can use your hands to push very slightly to get a deeper stretch, but stop if you feel any pains or too much discomfort. Go back to your neutral position and repeat for a total of five times.

Shoulder Pull

Put your arms out in front of you and then gently pull them back, so the elbows are behind your back. Everything else should be relaxed, but you should feel your shoulder blades squeezing together.

Neck pain in Chicago is no laughing matter, and you should do your best to prevent it or work it out on your own. If you need help, visit Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today to schedule an appointment.

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