Hair Transplant: What Happens During the Surgery

Hair transplant is a viable solution for baldness and significant hair loss. For people with thinning hair, the procedure can be one way of restoring a naturally fuller hairline and feeling confident about your looks. However, first, it is important to understand what to expect during the surgery.

What Happens During the Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplant surgery NYC involves removing hair from one area to fill another area with no or thin hair. The procedure is performed at the doctor’s office. First of all, the surgeon will clean and inject medicine in the scalp at the back of the head to numb the area. Your doctor will choose one of the two hair transplant methods: FUSS or FUE.

In FUSS, a narrow sliver of hair-bearing skin or a “strip” is removed from the back of the head. The area from where the skin is removed is sewed and immediately covered by the hair around it. Next, the staff will divide the removed skin into tiny follicular unit grafts. Each graft has a natural grouping of 1 to 2-3 hairs. The number of grafts generally ranges from 500 to 3,500, depending on the area’s hair type, color, quality, and size.
On the other hand, if you opt for the FUE procedure, the surgeon will shave the back of your head and remove follicular unit grafts “one by one” using small punch tools. The area heals and is covered by the existing hair.

After this point, both procedures are the same. Your surgeon will prepare the grafts. They will clean and numb the area where the grafts are to be transplanted. After creating holes or slits with a needle or tiny blade, the team will carefully place each graft in to each incision. The surgery can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the transplant.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a pretty good idea about how hair transplant surgery works, you can talk to your doctor about the best method. They can help you choose the right option.

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