Going To A Foot Care Clinic in Racine WI

When someone regularly wears high-heels, they may find that they suffer from a variety of ailments. While these shoes may look nice to others, they are known to be harmful to parts of the body. Here are some of the hazards wearing heels regularly can cause.

Problems With The Feet

Going to a foot care clinic in Racine WI will be required to aid in getting treatment if there is pain felt in the feet as a result of high-heel shoe wearing. Some people find that their toes will be squeezed together if the shoes they wear have pointed toes. This can cause gnarled toes, bunions, blisters, and other conditions. A foot care clinic will ask questions regarding the duration and frequency of high-heel wearing and will make recommendations on how to relieve pain if necessary.

The Posture Will Be Altered

After wearing heels regularly, the center of gravity tends to shift within the body. This can cause the person wearing the heels to lean back or slouch forward to keep themselves balanced. When the shoes are taken off, their posture will no longer appear straight. Alternating between heels and flat-soled shoes on a routine basis can be helpful in keeping the posture from changing.

Difficulty With The Legs

High-heeled shoes can cause the knees to become weak over time. This in turn can cause the person to suffer from arthritis in this area of the legs. The ankles and Achille’s tendon areas can also suffer from muscle problems from wearing shoes that raise these portions of the feet into the air. Many people find that high-heeled shoes can cause them to stumble if they do not have the proper footing as they walk. This can cause a variety of problems to the feet as a result.

When there is a need to go to a Foot Care Clinic in Racine WI to have an evaluation done of the feet due to excessive high-heeled shoe wearing, finding the right practice is necessary. Contact us to find out more about our business or to make an appointment to be seen by a professional today.

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