Getting Proper Diagnoses and Understanding The Causes of Snoring in North Vancouver

For people who have a snoring problem, a good night’s sleep may seem difficult to come by. In many cases, people who snore are initially unaware that they snore, and it is not until someone tells them that they become aware that they have a problem.

Understanding the Snoring Sleep Apnea Connection

While snoring may just seem like an annoying problem to have, it can be a sign of a more serious health problem known as sleep apnea. Not all people who snore have the same cause for their condition, and not all people who snore suffer from traditional sleep apnea. However, snoring is always a sign that a person is having complications breathing during their sleep.

In some cases, this may be caused by dry, stuffy air, or the need for nasal strips to allow for better nasal breathing. In more severe cases, it can be a sign of a breathing pattern that continuously starts and stops dozens of times throughout the course of a night’s sleep. This can become especially problematic and can lead to serious health concerns. Because of the risks, people with consistent snoring should consult with their physician.

Getting Diagnosis and Treatment

The good news is there are ways to get the kind of snoring treatment North Vancouver residents need without traveling outside the area to seek treatment. To be treated for snoring, the source of the snoring condition must be properly diagnosed. This is usually done through a sleep analysis or sleep study. The focus of a sleep study is to observe the patient during their sleep pattern, so the cause surrounding the snoring problem can be assessed.

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