Four Kinds of Treatments For Heroin and Opiate Painkillers

Opiate abuse can be and is deadly in the USA in 2019. Something needs to be done about it. Generally, treatments can be divided in to four categories. These include inpatient vs outpatient, and medication assisted vs non-medication assisted.

Inpatient treatment means the person goes to a facility where they stay, usually for 28-30 days or even 90 days or longer. While at the treatment facility, the person receives various forms of counseling and group therapy in a drug and alcohol free environment.

Outpatient treatment is when the person visits a clinic or therapist’s office in a regular office setting, and sleeps at home. If a person cannot be effectively managed as an outpatient, (like they continue to use substances); this may be an important indication for inpatient treatment.

There are certain medications, which can be used to help a patient abstain from drugs and alcohol. Medication assisted treatment is a form of treatment which can be utilized both inpatient and outpatient. Conversely, non-medication assisted treatments are available, but are not as effective as medication-assisted treatment, also called: psychopharmacologic intervention.

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