Find out More about an MRI Scan for the Brain near Burbank, CA

Getting an MRI scan of the brain near Burbank, CA is a painless and safe test that uses radio waves and a magnetic field to provide detailed images of the brain and stem. Magnetic resonance imaging is different from a CT/CAT scan because an MRI does not use radiation. The scanner uses a large magnet shaped like a doughnut with a tunnel through the center. You lie down on the table, which slides into the tube.

The Procedure

In most cases, someone from the imaging center will talk to you about the process and answer questions so that you feel comfortable. When you’re inside the machine, you have to be very still so that the scanner can take the images and ensure that they are clear and concise. The radio waves are used to manipulate the magnetic positions of the atoms in your body. These waves are picked up by the antenna and retrieved by a computer.

The computer then has to perform a variety of calculations to provide appropriate images that can be viewed by personnel. Some imaging centers offer three-dimensional pictures so that it is easier for personnel to pinpoint issues.

Why They’re Used

MRIs can detect many brain conditions, including tumors, cysts, bleeding, infections, swelling, blood vessel problems, and inflammatory conditions. Likewise, if you have a shunt, it can be used to determine if the equipment is working correctly.

Many times, doctors recommend that you have an MRI when you experience problems, such as dizziness, headaches, blurry vision or weakness. If they think you may have a chronic disease like multiple sclerosis, the MRI can also be used to detect these issues.

While other tests may be required first, X-rays, ultrasounds, and PET scans may not show the brain as well as MRIs. Visit Glendale MRI Institute for more info.

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